Glamgirls Makeover & Photoshoot Night – View Your Pic Here!

What an amazing night not only for every one that attended, but also us lucky stall holders! My pop up studio was constantly flowing with gorgeous ladies queuing to have their make up done by the wonderful and very talented Sharna Ferguson (her website can be found here and then coming to me for a photo to capture their mini makeover!

When you look at not only your own photo, but those of others, you will see what an amazing team Sharna and I make, bringing beautiful looks to ladies that wouldn’t necessarily be brave enough to have a makeover photoshoot and making it within reach because it is affordable!

Now don’t panic about the watermark of my mush in the centre of your image, of course when you buy your copy, that will be taken off!

If you’d like to purchase your photo, these are your options:

Option 1) £10.95 for a 10 x 8 inch matt print, posted to you! Also, I’m offering you the chance to buy one image, get another of the same half price (so if you had your picture with your friend and you both want a copy, that’d be £8.20 each)!

Option 2) £8.00 for a framed 7 x 5 inch gloss print (choose from a black or white frame), posted to you, ready to go on the dressing or bedside table, or wrapped up ready for that unique, thoughtful Christmas present!

Option 3) £5.00 for the photo to be emailed to you, so you get the digital copy and can then upload it to Facebook and use it as your profile picture! How glamourous!

Choose your option, then drop me an email using the contact me form and tell me who you are, what photo you want (the number of the photo and a quick description of yourself to help me locate the photo quicker) and then I will send you a Paypal invoice! Once paid, I will send you your image! What could be more simple?

I hope you enjoyed your experience with me and I hope that for any future photography needs, I will be the first person you think of!



  1. claire crathorn

    hi sarah. myself and my mom had photos taken with yourself last night at the glam girls event at the coach & horses in castle brom (10/10/12).
    can i purchase both of our photos please from my paypal as mom doesnt have a paypal service. as per the photos you have put on today, we are numbers 24 and 25. mine is black & white with the fur around, and moms is in colour with short hair and animal print top on. if you need anymore info please let me know!
    thank you for making us feel comfortable, and for getting stunning photos! xx

  2. Wow Sarah! Aren’t the pix stunning!!! And you and Sharna got to do so many makeovers and shoots! So gutted I couldn’t make it but it doesn’t seem I was missed too much 😀 Can I steal a few of these for the new website and the FB page please…with lots of credits for you of course and some website linkage on our faves page etc 😛 xxx

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