Being a photographer means being able to capture everything superbly.

As these few shots show, whether it’s actors head shots for programmes, promotional shots for flyers and club night marketing, photos of the faces behind the telephone at companies for websites, you name it, I can do it.  No job too big or small.

Have a look around your place of work. Have you got any pictures on the walls? Possibly. What are they of? Irrelevant things to your business? Stock photos of landscapes? Are they a bit old and in need of updating? Are there pictures of your staff who have since left the company? That’s where I come in!

I can come to your place of work and pop up my mobile studio in an empty meeting room or even staff room and take cool, flattering, up to date portraits or similar of your staff. I can float around the place, getting photos of people working. I can frame these photos to line your corridors or communal/customer spaces. And most importantly, I can do it cheaply!

For instance, I’ve done:

Conference photography for National Grid

Photos of food, drinks and interior ad exterior of newly opened cafe

Photos of cakes and baked goods for local baker

Editorial Shoot for Award Winning Millinery Range

Award ceremonies and subsequent winner photos including framing

DJ promo shots for use on flyers and website

Theatre company actor head shots for programmes and website

Head shots of staff for company profiles

Estate Agency images for media use and internal office decoration

Organised entire shoot for album cover for singer/song writer

Organised entire shoot for club marketing material and new music night

Images for new personal training website

Images of fitness models

From around £400 for all day on site photography!

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