About Me

My philosophy?

Well, when it comes to photos, for any occasion, rather than pay in the hundreds or thousands of pounds for a photographer who does this for his/her bread and butter, I can offer you the whole experience cheaper, simply because I love taking photos!

I model anyway and love seeing the final images of myself, hoping the photographer and I can create an image that will make the person looking actually feel something.

I always thought I could take better photos of myself, but realised that would be impossible, even with arms as long as mine, so I bought a professional camera from a friend in Feb ’09 and haven’t looked back.

Photography is NOT my full time job and does not pay my mortgage, I believe this makes me a GREAT photographer, as I don’t HAVE to take photos, I LOVE and WANT to take photos!

So, no fannying around, just ace photos. Spend your money on sweets, shoes and your pets instead!

Some say I just have that magic. The eye for composure. I say, judge for yourself.